Ready To Run For Your Lives?

New infected area: Latest intel shows that the city of Moab, Utah has been re-opened due to massive infection status. Survive at all cost.


With the Zombie Apocalypse at hand this race will test and scare
the crap out of you. We are not a Halloween run, we operate every
day! As a runner the course is laid out for you, only difference…
ZOMBIE‚ÄôS chase you. Yeah that’s right they run to! Their goal is to try
and steal your life flags. Choose to run as an individual or in a team.
Wanna be a zombie and chase people? No worries, we got you covered.
You can be a zombie too! Look for the medical kits throughout the course to replenish lost lives. Sign up for the most intense run of your life.

Click HERE to register for the race.

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